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Argos Gear Connected Control Dog Harness

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Argos Gear strives to bring you and your dog the most comfortable and safe products we can and this harness is no exception!

This beautiful dual-connection or two-point harness allows for leash connection from the FRONT or BACK of your dog’s body. The front connection on the dog’s chest discourages pulling by gently redirecting the dog’s movement back around toward you. The back connection, at the top of the shoulders, is great for slowing/controlling your dog’s body position or restraining if needed. Or use both points together with a double ended leash!

This body harness does not restrain the dog’s head or face. There is no pressure on the dog’s throat, eliminating choking & neck strain. The Y-shaped breast collar does not restrict the dog’s shoulder blades; allows full range of movement, and minimizes shoulder strain. Our soft and durable leather is gentle on the dog’s coat and doesn’t irritate or damage fur like nylon straps can. It’s very comfortable! (The leather edges are beveled and it’s designed to keep the hardware away from the dog’s elbows to prevent irritation.) Our Connected Control Harness (CCH) comes with a sheepskin pad for the top to make it even comfier (not shown).

This harness has 5 adjustment points to assure a perfect fit for your dog’s individual body! Adjustments can be made around the shoulders, girth/chest, and between the front legs. Initial fit adjustments can take a little time, but once it’s fit to your dog properly, the harness is very easy to use. No need to fuss with cumbersome buckles every time you use the harness thanks to our convenient metal quick-release buckles. (Our buckles are way easier to operate than cheap plastic ones.)

  • Pain-free, force-free, humane, and effective training.
  • Facilitates communication with your dog.
  • Redirects unwanted pulling and offers directional cues.
  • No pressure on throat or neck. Does not restrict head.
  • Front connection point discourages pulling by redirecting the dog’s forward movement back around toward you.
  • Back connection point applies pressure around the dog’s body to slow movement.
  • Leash clips to the front, back, or both!
  • Does not tighten, pinch, or constrict the shoulders.
  • Durable to restrain even the strongest dog.
  • Leather is gentle on the coat, does not rub or pinch.
  • Adjustable for a perfect fit.
  • Easy on and off with metal Quick-Release buckles.
  • Premium American leather and quality hardware
  • Handcrafted in the USA!
  • Lifetime Guarantee!

Handcrafted by artisans in Colorado, your pup will be able to feel the love put into their new harness. Made in the USA.


This is a very sturdy harness for dogs 30 pounds and up. Please measure your dog’s girth: behind the front legs around the deepest part of the chest. We recommend using a fabric measuring tape or a piece of string; measure 3 times for accuracy. Always measure before ordering to ensure a proper fit! Weight and breeds are listed for reference but do not replace the importance of measuring.

  • Small: girth/chest size of 24-28″ (53-68 cm), dogs approximately 30-50 pounds. Made with 3/4″ wide straps.
    Suggested breeds: Border Collie, Cattle Dog, Portuguese Water Dog, smaller Standard Poodle and pit bulls (Sorry, due to the substantial nature of our leather and hardware, we cannot make this harness any smaller.)
  • Medium: girth/chest size of 28-32″ (71-81 cm), dogs approximately 50-70 pounds. Made with 3/4″ wide straps.
    Suggested breeds: Aussie, Small Lab or Golden Retriever, Husky, large Pit Bull, large Standard Poodle, Malinois
  • Large for deep chested dogs: girth/chest size of 32-35″ (71-81 cm), dogs approximately 60-80 pounds. Made with 3/4″ wide straps.
    Suggested breeds: large and tall Retrievers, Weimeriner, smaller German Shepherd or Doberman

If your dog is between sizes, size down. If your dog is young and growing, consider selecting one size larger than his current measurement. Please realize that a harness that fits a 4 month old puppy will probably not adjust large enough for when he’s full grown.


Argos Gear is all backed by a lifetime warranty against defects in material and craftsmanship. If your Argos Gear lead or collar ever fails due to regular use, simply contact us and we will get you taken care of. 


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